About Us

Wendy and Bill Wilson, along with Jeffrey Perkins, founded Hand-People, Inc. 
back in February 1996. This family trio was highly motivated and had a strong 
work ethic, so they teamed up to create a business to be proud of. Cleaning 
was something they had plenty of experience with, and thoroughly enjoyed 
doing. In time, the company grew to include Jim Perkins and other family members, 
several employees, many company vehicles and an extensive customer base.
Handi-People, Inc. is a full-service janitorial company who is committed to 
customer satisfaction. The owners realize that honesty, integrity and trust 
are an integral part of this business. 
Therefore we maintain the highest standards of ourselves and our trusted 
employees. All Handi-People, Inc. employees receive background checks 
before beginning work for our company to assure the utmost security for 
our clients.
New clients expressed complaints of previous cleaning companies for various 
reasons, including janitors that ignored problem areas, not spending enough 
time and attention on detail cleaning, and neglecting the customer's 
needs. This was often the result of subcontracting or lack of on-site owner 
supervision and participation.
This prompted the Handi-People team to make 100% customer satisfaction 
their highest priority. Handi-People, Inc. wants to be the janitorial service that 
customers will rely on year after year for all of their cleaning needs.